/Soa-Cameroon: Sunset Photographs

Soa-Cameroon: Sunset Photographs

Soa is located at about 17 km from  Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. Since 1993, the city is home to the University of Yaoundé II. Therefore, there are thousands of students moving to Soa every year in order to start a University course.  Although some prefer to rent a room in Yaoundé and travel 17 km every morning to attend classes, others prefer renting a room around the university. Therefore, the city is growing bigger and bigger. However, it still lags behind many cities in terms of infrastructure development.

One benefits of living in Soa is that one gets the chance to breathe fresh air. Also, it is a very cozy place, ideal for those who wish to stay away from the hassles of big cities. One of the most amazing things to admire is the magnificent sunset in the evening. Below are some photographs of the sunset, which were taken from different places in the small city.



soa sunset




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