Cameroonian Entrepreneur Arthur Zang receives the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

Arthur Zang, During the FInal, for the Africa Prize of the Royal Academy of Engineering- Credit: Marc Arthur Zang Facebook account.

28-year-old Cameroonian entrepreneur Arthur Zang is in the spotlight again for winning the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. He received a cash prize of 21 million FCFA ($37,000) for inventing the Cardio Pad,
a medical tablet that enables rural populations to perform heart health monitoring locally within minutes, and then get the interpretation, diagnosis and treatment specification  from heart specialists who work in cities. The Africa Prize seeks to reward innovative and ambitious sub-Saharan African engineers, who contribute to improving the life standards and the economic conditions in their communities. By revolutionizing rural cardiological practices and dispensing the population with the hassle of traveling to cities for heart checks, Zang seems to be doing just that.

Arthur Zang wins the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation- Credit: Marc Arthur Zang Facebook account.
Arthur Zang wins the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation- Credit: Marc Arthur Zang Facebook account.

Zang’s Cardio Pad has won him plenty recognition, from being listed in  the 2015 Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 to the first prize 2014 Rolex Award for enterprise in the category of applied technology. However, his work is not limited to the device. Zang is also the founder of  Central Africa’s first medical embedded systems manufacturer Himore Medical. The company manufactures affordable medical devices with the goal of providing “the same healthcare service for all patients regardless of the place where they live,” the company website reads. In addition, it seeks to develop  technologies that would help solve medical problems faced by populations in underdeveloped areas. “Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the quality of life of human beings and the relationship between them,” Zang explained during a TED Talk in 2014.

Currently, Himore Medical designs, produces and markets the Cardio Pads. However, much more is to be expected from the ambitious entrepreneur and his company, according to Rolex, which included Zang in its list of Today’s Visionaries Tomorrow’s Futures.

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